Friday, June 28, 2013

It's All About Signs At The American Signs Museum

Signs are an important part of our lives, without them, our world could be in chaos. For example, if we need to get from point A to point B, we need signs to give us directions, right? Hence, it is not an overstatement when we say that signs play a very important role in human lives. And if you make a trip to the American Sign Museum in our charter bus in Cincinnati, you will be amazed at the volume of signs that has been collected over the years by the founder himself, Tod Swormstedt.

The American Sign Museum is a favorite spot to visit for many Cincinnati bus charter passengers. Many of them have heard or read so much about this place that it is one of their top priority in their list of “to visit places” when they are on this part of the world! The whole museum literally “lights up” with the many different kinds of signs that you can find – spanning from 1870 right through 1970. From hand carved wooden signs to neon lighted signs, electric bulbs everywhere – this museum is not to be missed at all.

As soon as you get down from our charter bus, you will see that the American Sign Museum is colorful, vibrant and just “crying out for attention” (that’s what signs do, don’t they?) and somehow you will feel a certain drawing to want to walk into the museum and check out what’s inside. That’s the power of signs, some may say.

For some, learning about the history of a certain place would mean going to the museum, which is not wrong, but at the American Sign Museum, history comes to live in a totally different way – in signs and colors, we dare say! Take a walk through the museum, and you will understand what we mean by that – every piece of sign that you see has a story behind it.

Most of the time, Cincinnati bus charter passengers would get a personal tour by the founder himself as he enjoys telling and sharing stories of the history of his passion for signs and his collection. As you hear him talk about the signs, you’d almost feel as though you are re-living the past and you may not have even heard or read about in history books from some of the things that you hear from him too!

As you leave the museum and hop back onto our waiting charter bus, you will probably miss this place already – especially after all the fun and excitement of seeing so many attractive and unique signs, but you don’t have to leave missing this place so much, as you can always start planning for another trip here again.