Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Birthday Bash with Fun Learning at a Museum

Planning a birthday party for your little one? How about making it extra special by chartering a bus to a museum where they not only learn but get to have fun too? Think fun and museum and Duke Energy Children’s Museum is the perfect place to bring a group of young children for some wonderful time of learning and having fun.
At Duke Energy Children’s Museum, kids get to pretend to be adults, to run through a man-made woods, to use their analytical skills and the fun goes on. It is consistently ranked in the top ten children’s museums to visit in the U.S. The exhibits at Duke Energy Children’s Museum encourage kids to climb, crawl, play, explore and learn about themselves and the world around them. Basically, this museum is divided into four categories - the Energy Zone, Kids’ Town, Little Sprouts Farm and The Woods. Each category has different kinds of activity for different age group. One of the easiest way to get all the kids to arrive at Duke Energy Children’s Museum together and safe would be to charter a Cincinnati bus.
At Kids’ Town, it is a kid-sized neighborhood where children take charge and explore the Kroger grocery store, veterinary clinic, diner, post office and others to pretend to be adults and do what adults do in real life. The next category, Energy Zone, is a netted enclosure and you would feel as though you have just walked into a part of a complex machine. Each station in this zone gives the kids opportunities to analyze which path a ball must take in order to reach its destination, which machine or energy force to use so that this can be accomplished. The fun part is that when you hear the sound of bells - you will have to watch out for balls that will come raining down!
And if raining balls were not enough, The Woods is a place where the children get to climb logs, walk on rope bridges and discover fossils and the animals that live in the woods. There is also a game of treasure hunt where the first clue is across from the slide. Even adults are welcome to join in this adventure with the children.
The Infant Garden and Toddler Farmyard are more for the younger children - 4 years and below together with their parents or caregivers. Over at this side of the museum, toddlers and preschoolers get to play in a more protected area and the setting is just as appealing as the other categories.
After a whole day of fun at Duke Energy Children’s Museum, you’ll be thankful that you have a chartered bus waiting to bring everyone home.