Monday, July 15, 2013

The Ensemble Theater, Cincinnati

For married couples with young children, date nights are very precious. It’s not to say that they don’t like having their kids around them, but it helps (and it’s healthy too!) to have date nights with your spouse to keep the bond between husband and wife strong and the romance going. If you enjoy good food and watching great shows, make your next date night extra special by chartering a Cincinnati bus and bring your lovely spouse for a wonderful dinner at one of the restaurants nearby the Ensemble Theater before you bring her for an awesome performance at the theater.

The Ensemble Theater is a wonderful escapade for married couples who are out for a night’s of great entertainment after an evening of marvelous dining experience. The theater is smaller in size compared to some of the bigger theaters that you may have been to before, but the ambience inside is warm, friendly and intimate – just the right kind of place for date nights. Whichever restaurant that you choose to go for dinner before the appointed showtime at the theater, it is never a trouble at all for your Cincinnati chartered bus driver. From the usual American cuisine to pizzas, Italian and Mediterranean dishes – these are just some of the restaurants that you’d find nearby the theater. After you have had your dinner at any one of the restaurants, you will find your bus driver waiting for you to pick you and send you to the theater – what an awesome night it’s going to be, especially when you don’t have to drive and find a parking spot!

Many Cincinnati rented bus visitors enjoy going to the Ensemble Theater because you can never find a bad seat in the house. Even if you have to sit at the last row in the theater, you can still see the stage clearly because there is a steep slope to the seating, and that means, if you happen to have a very tall person sitting in front of you, your view will not be blocked at all. This is not the only plus point about the theater – they have really good selection of plays too because they are quite selective in their choices of play that they would showcase in their theater. You can expect to be entertained with excellent quality of acting and even the props and stage deco are remarkable! Don’t just take our word on this – check it out yourself in your next date night with your beloved spouse.